Flatwater — tourist center of Ivanovo Oblast

During the past year, vacationers Pleso spent 1.7 billion rubles, said a regional department of economic development. Each year an increasing as the number of tourists visiting the "pearl of the Volga", and the amount of funds that they leave the city, increasing the revenue side of the budget and promoting the development of small businesses.

Reach — city in the Volga region in the north of the Ivanovo region. The history of the Reach stems from 1410, when the Prince of Moscow Vasily I, son of Dmitry Donskoy commanded to build a fortified customs outpost. Population — 2.5 million inhabitants (2010) Industrial enterprises in Ples not. In the 20-ies of XX century Ples turned into a health resort town. Now there are holiday homes, boarding houses, tourist camps. A gentle flow of the river, hilly shores, sandy beaches, coniferous and deciduous forests, clean air created Plyos glory "Russian Switzerland".

Ples (lots of pics)

Cathedral of the Assumption (1699) — Located on Cathedral Hill, which is still preserved defensive rampart.

From the Cathedral Mountain (it is also called Mount Freedom) is truly captivating expanse of the Volga …

In 1910, during the celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Reach for the Cathedral Hill was a monument to the founder of the city — the Prince of Moscow Vasily I, in the Soviet era monument was dismantled and restored again in 2010, the 600th anniversary of the city.

Reach gained particular popularity in the late XIX century, thanks to the paintings of the famous landscape painter Isaac Levitan. About 200 works executed them for three summers spent in the Reach (1887-1890 gg.), Levitan brought fame.

Levitan’s House Museum

"Levitan trail" — a wooden staircase in place pathways by which the artist was raised while working on the film "Eternal Rest".

Church of the Resurrection — moved to Ples of Saint Elias region Ivanovo region in 1982 and put in place the church depicted in the famous painting by Levitan and burned down in 1903

Quay Ples

"Summer Resident"


Fly monument pet cat of a local sculptor

On average, Ples visited by thousands of people a day. In 2010, the city was visited by more than 360,000 people. Research has shown that living in the Reach tourist spends a day about eight thousand (including the cost of a hotel room). When calculating the costs taken into account the approximate cost of hotel rooms, food, visits to museums, entertainment, shopping souvenirs.

restaurant "Yacht Club"

In the department of economic development of the Ivanovo region growing number of tourists associated with the development of the hospitality industry in the city. So, for the past three years, from 12 to 15 increased the number of catering, one-third increase in the number of private hotels and boarding houses with 28 rooms increased housing accommodations. In the near future the Reach will be open two more hotels.

Country hotel "Cathedral Sloboda" — is a collection of restored mansions 19-20 century, located in the central part of the city.

Hotel "Fortecia Rus"

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