Flight tests of the missile complex meteorological MR-30 were successful

 Photo source:rian.ru

Meteorological rocket MR-30 on tests

RosHydromet announced the successful flight test missile complex meteorological MP-30 of the new generation. It allows you to monitor the status of the upper atmosphere.

At the end of the 20th century in Russia was developed meteorological rocket MP-20, but the new set is much greater than its capacity. In particular, improvements are made in terms of altitude and useful weight measuring apparatus.

Missile tests MR-30 were carried out in the Astrakhan region at Kapustin Yar. Start and flying rockets were normal, telemetry equipment conveys useful information about conditions in the rocket and the environment. Lift height meteorological rocket MR-30 was 304 km, with a payload (instrumentation and research equipment) 150 kg. Telemetry equipment specialists gave useful information about the modes of a missile and the environment.

After completing a series of experimental (research) test, the missile MP-30 will be used in the system for operational monitoring Hydromet state of the upper atmosphere on a regular basis.

In the future, regular launches of new missiles will be carried out in different geographical regions of Russia. This will give the opportunity to evaluate the physical properties of the upper atmosphere, as well as its model the dynamic behavior. Thus, in the near future, weather forecasts, be it the weather in Ulyanovsk or Vladivostok, may be more accurate. The data from the missiles will come in RosHydromet mode online.


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