Flights on the union NASA will fly a pretty penny

Flights on the "union" NASA will fly a pretty penny

It was officially clear that the Office of Aeronautics and space gallakticheskogo USA (NASA) And the Russian Federal Space Agency (Roskosmos) have signed contract on the flight to the ISS for the period 2014-2015,. Under the terms of the agreement, for the right to use the "Unions" NASA will have to pay 753 million dollars. Other exit from the Yankees is not, in the summer of 2011, their gallakticheskaya programm Space Shuttle, which was recognized very note and economically unprofitable, will be minimized.

"The cost of flights, designated by the Russian side is one hundred percent adequate, — says Andrew, son of John, a member of the Academy of Astronautics Tsiolkovsky. — You could ask for and a huge amount. But in this situation it is better not to spoil things — after all, the ISS is not the last joint project of the 2-states. Given how anxious to include in NASA in the release of funds from the state budget in other countries, it is for them and so the bounce. "

In the contract price comes pre-flight of American astronauts, their delivery to the ISS and return the land to the Russian "Soyuz", the operations of search and rescue at touchdown. Total astronauts during the designated period will be 12 people, 6 in 2014 and 6 in 2015, Flight of the 1st NASA astronaut will cost at about $ 62.75 million dollars, which is 20 million more than the price gallakticheskogo sending tourists to the ISS his residence at the station in 2009, the last of the tourists — Canadian Guy la Liberté — pay for their own flight 40 million bucks. Prices per room for the astronauts at Roscosmos constantly grow: in the start-up of the 1st South American astronaut into space in 2012, asking for $ 51 million in 2013 — $ 55.8 million

If the associate start "Union" and start shuttle in respect of foreign exchange, the price start at times more space shuttle launch "Union" on start 1st shuttle needed 450 million dollars. Although the shuttle could carry up to eight people, but so many people run the United States simply do not. This substitution of expensive shuttles from the Yankees is not, and therefore NASA went to a new contract with the Russian Space Agency.

In the criteria austerity program notes gallakticheskih developing a new manned spacecraft is not considered. As an option to fly to the ISS NASA is considering the creation of a lightweight version of the ship Orion, which was initially intended to be used in the framework of programs from Constellation (Constellation), to fly to the Moon and Mars. The next version, the ship Dragon personal company SpaceX, created by programmke COTS (Commercial Orbital Transportation). When at least one of the bottom will be brought to flying condition, is not yet clear.

Flights on the "union" NASA will fly a pretty penny

Orion spacecraft

Head NASA Charles Bolden, signing contract with Roscosmos, though not resist and said: "The Budget funding gallakticheskoy American industry has been significantly increased, and so all values should be aimed at making the South American astronauts and cargo transported by South American companies rather than those of other countries." But here mentioned that "Unions" will in any case provide a reserve as gallakticheskuyu program from the U.S. in the year following the commissioning of new American transport.

Flights on the "union" NASA will fly a pretty penny

Charles Bolden

Let's lay that Roscosmos will comply with all the terms of the contract and does not disrupt the schedule of Yankees starter to the ISS. The upcoming launch of the ship "Alliance TMA-21", scheduled for March 30, 2011, has been postponed due to the regular pre-launch issues.

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