Floating down the river Ermak

"Ataman Yermak — Prince Siberian", passing hundreds of miles of the waters of the Altai, has finally landed on the shores of Byisk. Meet the miracle ship built several Barnaul Cossacks without blueprints and plans, it’s a lot biychan. 

For the entrepreneur of Barnaul, Altai Cossack Cossack society Sergei Christmas this ship — the business of life. Eight years ago, decided to contribute to the unification of local Cossacks and the revival of its best traditions, Sergey had the idea to build a ship on which he intended to go down to the Teles lake, go through the water surface Biya, to go to the Ob and then — to the north. He wanted to find the descendants of Ermak — Russified Cossacks, as well as close to the Cossacks in the spirit, dedication to the Orthodox faith of people, of which, in his opinion, many in the depths of Siberia.

It is one thing — a dream is quite another — to realize the desired reality. It took seven years before the ship "Ataman Yermak — Prince Siberian" was launched. The uniqueness of this project is that it was created almost hands of one man — Sergei Christmas.

And on September 18, "Ataman Yermak — Prince Siberian" landed on the right bank of Biya in Kommunarskiy bridge. Welcome "mariner" came a lot of people, including representatives of the Cossacks and the students Bijskogo Cossack Cadet School class.

Take a break, gain strength — and again on the road — these are the plans for the traveler. Ahead — Barnaul. Seemed an obstacle to the achievement of objectives — "pontoon" bridge will soon submit to the courageous and persistent Cossack: in order to ship able to move on, the bridge simply "dissolve".

Vitaly Popov.

Photo by Yuri Vereshchagin.

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