Flooding in Croatia caused the evacuation of the population

Flooding in Croatia caused the evacuation of the population Natural Disasters

The spill has brought a flood of the river Drava in Croatia. In the north, the whole village had been evacuated, where the water proved to be more than a hundred houses, standing on the shore. The number of displaced in the rescue camp was about three hundred people. In some northern municipalities on the border with Slovenia recently flooded state of emergency.

Under close supervision is the water level in the river Sava, a tributary of the Danube, since it is the capital of Croatia, Zagreb. The river comes as the city a few days pouring rain. The second largest city of Maribor and several villages along the coast Drava advised to evacuate.

Floods closed two border points on the Croatian-Slovenian border. Some regional roads are completely closed to traffic. Fortunately, those who had previously been evacuated to the east and north-east of Croatia, were able to return to their homes, even though the region is not all roads and railways have earned normally.

For clearing settlements near rivers Drava, Sava and Krka from flood attracted more than 500 soldiers and fire departments. Estimated that the flood waters in Croatia suffered over two thousand buildings, including homes, public buildings and offices. Damaged bridges and railways.

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