Flooding in Dagestan

Flooding in Dagestan Natural Disasters

In the North Caucasus republic of Dagestan after major storms flooding occurred. It was so powerful that in the region have declared a state of emergency. At the moment, seven reported dead, more than a thousand Dagestanis are still in the zone of danger. Among them, 280 children.

Flood brought great destruction in the Dagestani city of Derbent in southern Russia. Rainwater flows with mud swept through eight streets, podtopiv homes and vehicles. All suffered at least 320 houses. Derbent is also in the status of a state of emergency.

Eliminate the consequences of flooding more than 300 employees and 60 units spetslsluzhb rescue equipment. Townspeople involved in rescue missions, trying to pump water out of basements and clearing the streets of dirt, dust and debris. Despite the fact that the reported rapid rise of the water received in a timely manner, the official evacuation of the region has not been organized.

To the aid of Derbent from Moscow flew two planes of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. The city will bring rescuers and equipment. In July, the Caucasian part of the Krasnodar Territory in Krymsk after floods killed 171 people. The local community, no warning of an impending cataclysm of any audiovisual or in print media have been reported.

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