Flooding in Haiti

Flooding in Haiti, Natural disasters

In the city of Cap-Haitien on the north coast of Haiti Islands was a flood, which killed about 16 people, three of them were children. Flooding occurred suddenly, and many dead were not able to withstand the gushing water on the streets unsettled poor suburb of the capital of the Northern Department of Haiti. Due to flooding at the same time killed four people, who were members of the same family. The corpses of some islanders floated in the streets.
Rescuers estimated water damage is extremely difficult, because there were all flooded residential neighborhoods of Cap-Haitien. The entrance to the city is also submerged. Many people needed urgent evacuation to a place where the high water spilled out of the rivers and ravines filled until he came. Status of some citizens are still not defined, because they can not find because of the terrible state of the streets no lifeguards, no relatives.

After the recent hurricane which affected Haiti Sandy this flood has further aggravated the situation in the islands.

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