Flooding in north-west Cambodia

Flooding in north-west Cambodia Natural Disasters

As a result of the flooding that occurred in Cambodia on the border with Thailand, the water coming from the affected about three thousand families from the province of Banteay Menchu. 700 families in Cambodia, most of flood victims evacuated in full force on the hill. Fortunately, no mention of deaths due to flooding of the north-western lands.

Local leaders announced just in case the highest code of danger and mobilize existing rescue groups. If the water level continues to rise, a division of the Red Cross volunteers will be ready to provide immediate assistance.
Flood was caused by showers, sweeping south-east of the Indochina Peninsula last week. Found that the excess moisture from the affected 500 hectares of rice fields and 1,200 hectares of cassava (manioc), local cultural destination. According to forecasts, the flood spread to 13 of the 24 provinces of Cambodia.
For this country season rains and floods from August to October. Last year floods killed 250 people and affected about 1.4 million inhabitants. Water damaged nearly 3,000 km of gravel roads and 180 km of roads of national significance. 2011 brought a flood damage in the amount of approximately 521 million U.S. dollars.

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