Flooding in northern Iran

Flooding in the north of Iran Natural Disasters

Flooding that occurred in the city of Bushehr in the northern part of Iran, has caused the deaths of at least 12 people. Some Iranians are on the list of missing persons. The flooding was caused by heavy rains that have come to the vast territory of the province of Mazandaran. In general, suffers east and central part of the province, where the rain pours about a day.

Currently involved in rescue operations 16 special teams that are trying to restore a normal way of life in the flooded lands, protect flooded streets and homes. Hardest-hit building Bushehr, located near the river, which burst its banks. Urban schools are closed, out of service centers with electricity.

Unfortunately, the rain only intensified with time, complicating rescue efforts and increase the risk of flooding to more homes.

With climate change floods become leaders of all the natural disasters on the number of victims and the extent of the devastation. It is estimated that the share of flooding in the modern world, accounting for 90% of all damage caused abnormal and dangerous natural events. For Iran, the worst flooding was in 1954, which killed about 10,000 people. It has even been called "the great Iranian flood."

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