Flooding in southern Spain

Flooding in southern Spain, Natural disasters

As a result of floods, triggered by rains that had come suddenly withered in the heat of many months of the Spanish land, drowned 10 people, and about 600 people were forced to evacuate. Accident took place in the provinces of Murcia and Almeria in the south-east of Spain and Malaga in the south. 52-year-old British citizen, the number of lists of missing persons in Almeria. Five others missing, fortunately, found alive by rescuers.

Under the pressure of the water gushing from the rivers spilled, was demolished road bridge, which at that time were the car. In some cities, the streets turned into canals, where cars and motorcycles were swimming erratically, caught flow. Houses and shops built in the lowlands were flooded on the roof.

Over time, the water subsided, but after that the settlements were sediment mud two feet tall or more. Evacuation and delivery of assistance to severely hinder the flooded dirt roads and shelters, temporary non-use. One air route from Malaga to Seville canceled due to weather conditions.

As reported by meteorologists, in Spain during the floods had up to 245 liters of water per 1 m2 (24.4 mm rainfall). The rain did not stop even for almost a day before the leaves towards the Balearic Islands.

Not only had to endure the Spaniards flood this weekend. In the town of Gandia burst tornado. To disrupt the wind wheel truck caused damage 35 employees fair, 15 of them were very severe injuries. The number of casualties could rise, but by the time of the tornado, all visitors have left the fair.

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