Floods in Nigeria evacuated over 20,000 people

Floods in Nigeria evacuated over 20,000 people Natural Disasters

Flooding in the eastern part of Nigeria took the lives of at least 10 people and forced about 20,000 people to flee their homes after torrential rains forced the Cameroonian authorities to decide on the opening of the dam.

The flood has covered more than 40 villages in Nigeria. As the Nigerian emergency services, many people are still missing. Evacuated people have settled in makeshift camps, especially in dire need of water, food, clothing and blankets.
Cameroon authorities have warned about opening the dam for a few weeks. Discovery led to flooding along the River Benue in Nigeria. People are aware of the consequences and the need to leave the territory, however, the people did not heed the warnings. Thousands of homes and thousands of hectares of crops were destroyed in the floods.
For the rainy season in 2012 in Nigeria killed more than 60 people, while last year the number was 102. In 2010, floods hit two thirds of the population of the country.

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