Floods in Pakistan and India

Floods in Pakistan and India Natural Disasters

Punjab, Balochistan and Sindh in southern Pakistan on the verge of flooding on the scale reminiscent of the summer floods of 2010. Only one had to be evacuated Balochistan nearly 100,000 inhabitants, as irrigation canals and dams along the Indus River, and the water-holding system completely broke down under the impact of heavy monsoon rains.

As seen from the pictures taken satellite systems, a large number of plots of land near the Pakistani Indus already flooded. The depth of water in some places impressive size (in the figure indicates a more intense blue color). Because of the Indus flood vast areas are covered by river sediments, which also complicates the situation.
Position north Indian lands much more depressing. There for evacuation during the monsoon has undergone more than a million people. But even in temporary refugee-water kept at a high level. The region declared predepidemialnoe position in connection with a splash of infectious diseases transmitted by water.
In the province of Assam affected 18 of 27 districts, 11 people drowned. After the rise of water in the river Brahmaputra flooded were about two thousand villages.

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