Fly so fly.

The international airport "Chelyabinsk" gained admission to the reception and service of aircraft type Boeing 747-400 and its modifications. The corresponding order was signed by the head of the Federal Air Transport Agency (Federal Air Transport Agency) Alexander Neradko, the press service of the Chelyabinsk airline.

Getting admission by type Boeing 747-400 was made possible thanks to the technical re-equipment of the airport, what has happened in the last two years. In particular, at the end of March last year opened a new international airport’s departure hall "Chelyabinsk". And the governor of the Southern Urals, Mikhail Yurevich, who believes that the airport should reach the international level, said at the time that the economic activity of the inhabitants of the Southern Urals to develop fresh perspectives, to increase the number of flights from Chelyabinsk.

Note to receive and serve the Boeing 747-400 aircraft have the 16 largest airports in Russia, including the airport "Chelyabinsk".

Boeing 747-400 — one of the world’s largest passenger aircraft manufactured by BoeingCommercialAirplanes. Capacity of the liner is more than 400 passengers, a cruising speed of this type of aircraft about 940 miles per hour, range — more than 11 thousand kilometers. Flying a Boeing 747-400 can replace some flights operated by smaller aircraft types, which places special demands on the work of airport ground services.

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