Flying Saucers for Brezhnev and Truman





         Diskolety, remarkably similar to the "classic UFO", and tried to build in the United States and the Soviet Union


Continuing the series of articles about UFOs ("KP" on 16 and 30 January with. G), we have announced a fantastic at first version of the origin of "flying saucers". Ostensibly in Nazi Germany were actively working on the construction diskoletov. But even if this information may be questioned, no one denies the fact: the United States a "flying saucer" still built! And the Soviet Union was trying to do it!

"Heavyweight" socialism for construction sites

— Do you happen to an American spy? — This question stunned me at the meeting Yuri Ishkov, the author of the original project to build domestic diskoleta. — Otherwise, what you're interested in the history of twenty years ago? No great empire — and there's great projects. To build termoplan now, you have to buy the components in the West. We have the production that can provide such a project have been destroyed!
Termoplan — supercarrier aerostatic aircraft, conceived in the early 80's for transporting large loads over long distances. Externally it is a huge disk (diameter from 140 to 320 m, depending on the version), suspended below the gondola. Inside the disk is divided into two compartments. The first is filled with helium or hydrogen, the second — the hot exhaust gases from running engines. Crew members (12 to 24 people) by adjusting the gas flow rate controlling lifting and lowering device and its movement in the air. Supposed to be able to fly termoplan distance 8000 km, developing a maximum speed of 180-250 km / h, and transported from 100 to 2000 tons of cargo, or from 650 to 10.000 (the larger the diameter of the disk, the greater the efficiency of the machine).
— Termoplany would be useful, for example, for superblochnogo construction in regions of Siberia and the Far East, — says Yuri G.. — It is estimated that the cost termoplana example, the load 600 is five times better than the plane "747". And it is economical railway near BAM! By the way, this project seriously interested Svyatoslav Fyodorov. Ophthalmologist counted by termoplanov deliver their clinic there, where not drive and do not swim.
Applications of termoplanov have received many medals of the USSR and Russia Exhibition Centre "International Salon of industrial inventions." But, unfortunately, due to lack of funding works were stopped. Only in 1991, at the Ulyanovsk aircraft factory was demonstrated to customers sample of Technology — "plate" in diameter of 40 meters and a height of 16 — who could not fly by definition, but made a strong impression at all.
The invention of the twenty-year-old Yuri Ishkov said reluctantly. It is felt, it hurts to remember the past. Still, I could not resist not to ask a question:
— So why do you give your machine a disk?
— I've never seen a UFO. But in the "flying saucer" I believe. As a child, I once had a dream about meeting incomprehensible, perhaps, with the "aliens." They came, of course, on the drive. Call me a bit romantic, but I wonder at flying disc-shaped. Alas, the dream has come true so far failed …

Americans dream to fight diskoletah

Work on the creation of the American "flying saucer" began to order the U.S. Army in 1947. Under the leadership of Englishman John Forst in the Canadian branch of the British Aircraft Company "Avro" was built diskolet "Avrokar" VZ-9V diameter of 5.48 m 12 December 1959 on the territory of "Avro Canada" in Meltone this machine first took to the air, and and soon began his horizontal flight. Diskolet broke away from the ground on an air cushion. Then dials the desired height using the three jet engines. After that, changing the vector of their traction, accelerated to the desired speed. However, after seven months of working on this project were suspended "due to the expiration of the contract." The official version — due to lack of sustainability built unit and because diskoletu have failed to reach even the design speed — 419 km / h.
However, 17 years after the completion of the work was announced to the military historian, Colonel Robert Gammon, who said that the project "Avro" only distract public attention from the … real UFO research.
There were built two models "Avrokarov." One unit was dismantled, and the second just took off and left the engine in the hangar, storerooms Melton.


— Technological sample of domestic termoplana never took off …

— … And that's American-made diskolet still a few flights.

"Komsomolskaya Pravda", 14.03.2003, Moscow, n46, p.10

Authors: Igor Leskov, Roman Popov.

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