Flying wind turbines can replace ground

Flying wind turbines can replace ground Facts

No surprise that the force of the wind increases with the climb. That is why the makers of wind power are trying to place their turbines away from the surface which directly increases their effectiveness. But researchers want to go further and ensure that the wind was a leader in clean energy in the world and was able to satisfy the human need for electricity.

You must deliver the turbine at maximum height and figure out a way out the received energy will be supplied to the consumer, thus making the whole process a minimum-cost and environmentally friendly. Prototype solutions may be to develop a type of wind turbine air Makani, similar in appearance to a plane with propellers, but without the cockpit. The first tests are underway in California, USA, with the support of the government and the company Google.

Continued testing in this direction makes sense, since conventional terrestrial turbines are able to extract kinetic energy equal to 400 terawatts. "Flying" turbines, which will work with high-altitude air currents can bring the world more than 1 800 TWh, which is almost 100 times more energy than it takes the planet to date.

Most likely, this area will be the same as it is now developing solar energy production, as a natural resource is not particularly limited, and the procedure itself can be easily tuned to the needs of humanity. Importantly, ergonomically and economically solve material and engineering nuances.

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