For 2011 NAMEKS put abroad 128 mobile cranes brands Ivanovec

The company "NAMEKS" (export unit of TC "Ivanovo Mark") has once again confirmed its status as the leading Russian supplier of cranes from Russia. For the year 2011, "NAMEKS" put abroad 128 cranes mark "Ivanovec."

  • 25-ton crane "Ivanovec" KC-45717K-1

The most popular model was a 25-ton crane "Ivanovec" KC-45717K-1. Demand from foreign customers enjoy a 25-ton crane KS-45717-1 and 16-ton mobile crane KS-35715. It should be noted that these models are the most popular and Russian buyers. Mobile cranes "Ivanovec" series "AK-25" on the technical and operational characteristics significantly superior to all competitors counterparts.

"Ivanovec" — truck crane brand number one in Russia. It is a reliable and advanced crane equipment manufactured by the leaders of the domestic engineering industry — factories, "Crane" (Ivanovo) and "Gazprom-tap" (Kamishyn). The history of "Ivanovo" has more than 55 years of success and technical progress. High demand outside of Russia once again confirms the status of "Ivanovo" as an industry leader.

The company "NAMEKS" was Russia’s leading exporter of truck crane technology in 2010

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