For Blue, allowed Liner

In the Northern Fleet has stood the test the new development of the State Rocket Center named after Makeev.

News agencies and other media outlets were quick to report that it is the next training run the familiar intercontinental ballistic missile "The blue" (P-29RMU2), which was adopted in 2007 on arms nuclear submarines of Project 667 BDRM — it belongs to the series "Yekaterinburg".

But the reality was more interesting. As officially informed the correspondent of "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" in the "SRC Makeev," May 20, 2011 at 18 hours 50 minutes Moscow time on board the strategic nuclear submarine of the Northern Fleet "Yekaterinburg" "was successfully launched an intercontinental ballistic missile" Liner "- from the waters Barents Sea in combat field "Kura", located on the peninsula of Kamchatka. " And briefly clarified: start made by government flight test program (the theme of "liner").

General Designer and General Director of "Makeev State Rocket" Vladimir Degtar, who is these days in Moscow, was unavailable for comment. But some of the details in the press service of the rocket center yet reported. Ballistic missile submarine "Liner" is developed in the "SRC Makeev," and is made by the Krasnoyarsk Machine-Building Plant, which produces and "blue stain".

Start produced from a submerged position. All systems of missiles and missile systems during prelaunch, launch and flight of the rocket functioned normally. Another important detail — "warheads missiles arrived to the site at a set time and set the aiming point." Tasks start, provided the flight plan are made, conclude the creators of the rocket. And note that "when starting SLBM" Liner "confirmed a high level of training of the crew of the submarine." Its commander — Captain First Rank Igor Stepanenko.

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