FOR CARS TO BE INSTALLED NEW CRAZ centerpoint suspension

From August 1 to all KrAZ vehicles will be installed rear suspension balance-new design. Its distinguishing feature — in the absence of characteristic curved balance beam rear axle suspension.

Instead applied straight bar, knee-fixed in the trunnion bracket balancers. This design allows you to reduce metal back of the car’s suspension and increase its strength and stiffness, and increase the manufacturability of its parts and assemblies.

The first such suspension has been applied on a prospective KrAZ trucks with the layout "cab-over-engine" and the hood of the integral type. Laboratory-road and performance tests of new cars have shown that the balance-suspension provides a new type of KrAZ large capacity and to improve the reliability of the assembly itself suspension.

Application of the new axis has Kremenchug Automobile refuse to supply on a curved metal intensive cooperation forged parts. To meet the needs of the production of parts and components equalizer rear suspension chassis in the workshop of the company was put into operation an upgraded line of treatment arm of the axis of the new balance.

Given the experience of operating such type of suspension on the cars global automakers, PJSC "KrAZ" hopes to increase not only the capacity but also the durability of the vehicle assembly and reducing the maintenance work on its service.

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