For dezoy about APC Pugachev there are people actively collaborated with


7 and 8 July in the city of Saratov region Pugachev spontaneous demonstrations took place local people (about 200 people). They demanded to expel Chechens, both from their village, and from the whole region. The reason was the murder of a Chechen citizen Ruslan Marzhanova, which occurred near the bar "Golden Barrel" as a result of domestic conflict.

The situation is tragic and very explosive. People who took to the streets, even temporarily blocked a federal highway.
How did this must respond fifth column opposition? That’s right: to aggravate the situation even further and manipulate the hoopla surrounding the conflict.

First you need to spread misinformation to escalate the situation on the web was engaged in so-called"SNP television". Website is still not working properly, but it spreads lies on social networks. Heremisinformation with their channel on Youtube, where they give out an old video of military exercises for the contraction of military equipment in the Pugachev to quell civil unrest. Also been involved twitter:

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