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FC "Rostov" this weekend celebrating the anniversary. Eighty years in the fields of the country, even founding date habitually "floats". But a year has paid off. On the problems and accomplishments, "Rostov" — to ""

The idea to write on this topic arose long before there was information about a possible strike players. Anecdotal evidence that there are problems with salaries and bonuses, but approved of the need to talk on the subject. Where the theft, there is a thief, especially the general manager of the club Oleg Lopatin does not deny the existence of problems if not on regular payments, then a thirteenth salary. And it is the jubilee year.

In 1930, the club was founded with the name "Selmashstroy." The first reliable mention of the team found in the newspaper "The Bolshevik change" from May 10 sounded year. Principal fans do not recognize today’s festivities. Strange position in eternal opposition is not constructive, but okay. Do not want to celebrate — no one forces. Eight decades in Rostov-on-Don has developed thanks to the club soccer. The names have changed, but the game remained.

However, for many fans, the name change — a favorite theme. Once on the face dispute, as correctly — "Rostselmash" or "Rostov" — that there are fans in the nature of Rostov-on-Don. However, it is inward, as it will be called — and we write. Family Matters. Much more important is that to the fans realized that they lowered the toilet half a million rubles through fines. I see no reason to be proud. Whether fans a little more rational (which require management) rather obscene shouts and fireworks once again sang the song used. And the club has spent money on the same bonus that players do not run away in the winter.

Despite not problems of recent decades, a team of mostly held in high society. Were successful seasons were bad years. Now a very good season, because "Rostov" wisely changed the coach and the storm was not only for CSKA, but for the rest of the rich clubs. A great goalkeeper, the normal defense with extra players in midfield than experience has Pavlenko. Offensively Akhmetovich, Lebedenco and Adam. Livin ‘the Life! For comfortable midway in RPL more than enough resources. Stubborn enough, fortune did not shy away. Six wins 1-0, not scored more than two goals per game. The concentration of the team is great!

Weird scandal got out of place, like a bad series, which began a strange game in Perm. The point is not that there is no money. And the problems with delayed salary solved, according to the "proven rumors." The catch tricky — funds can be spent around the team. Administration of the Rostov region, not only for the sake of the club running. Determined to build a stadium for forty thousand. At whose expense? After all the official statements trying to promote co-financing the construction of the Ministry of Sports. Mutko advance responded to such attempts, and sent straight road to self-sufficiency. Under what kind of global problems sum "Rostov"? Protasov, unless notice the disparity between words and deeds, will go away. He offers enough. And if it’s not a step back, then simply return to the start. Although it is best to grow steadily, rather than go the way of "Siberia". The team paid dearly for the "jump the turnstile."

Unfortunately, the "Rostov" as the club is not ready for the match of Europa League. As a team — even yesterday! It’s a shame, but it’s time to get used to the leadership at the level of declarations wants all at once (I think, today, and tomorrow will also talk about the bright future), and when reverse commitments, plans redraws ("but who does not have problems?"). I do not believe that Protasov promised a lot of money on transfers for next season. So be prepared to slow slipping of a great team in the middle of the table. Properly Kalachev noticed — the main thing that is not below the equator. If you stay at the top, it will be a miracle nationwide scale. "Rostov" earned the right to check the strength in the Europa League. It is difficult to compete with the best, until the money spinning in circles, and other hands.

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