For MS-21 made the first black wing

In Russia completed the production of the console so-called "black wings" for the new mainline aircraft MS-21, fully formed from composite materials, said Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Yuri Slusar.

"We have quite a serious phase, associated with the manufacture of wing panels, completely made of composite," — said Yu.Slyusar on International Aviation and Space Salon "ILA 2012" in Berlin.

Yu.Slyusar reported that certified aircraft MS-21 is scheduled to end in 2016, and mass production to begin in 2017.

"The aircraft has a new engine. Moreover, two kinds. This engine "Pratt & Whitney" and accordingly, our engine PD 14. By plane will be installed new modern avionics, which is largely built on the elements of an integrated modular avionics, "- said Yu.Slyusar.

According to him, the distinguishing feature of the MC-21 is that in its design a very large number of composites, the aircraft has a unique aerodynamic design that allows it to also receive certain benefits.

He noted that to win a share of the global market-haul aircraft will be difficult for a number of reasons. "Now in the main niche we are out almost as compared with helicopters and military aircraft. The entrance of this market will be difficult, the barriers are extremely high. We understand this very well, "- said Yu.Slyusar.

Earlier it was reported that the order book for the MS-21 has about 185 cars. The first operator of this aircraft will make the company "Aeroflot".

According to the correspondent of the newspaper "Military-Industrial Courier," news agencies ARMS-TASS and Interfax-AVN

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