For passengers with disabilities JSC Russian Railways launches call-center with toll free number

In JSC "Russian Railways", started working in a test mode call-center rail for people with limited mobility.

Creating a call-center is one of the stages of a larger project — a completely new directions for the conditions for people with limited mobility. At present, on the basis of the North-Western Regional Directorate of the railway stations of JSC "Russian Railways" pilot runs "Centre of mobility", which will improve the quality of services provided to passengers with limited physical abilities. As a test site identified two train stations linking the two capitals: Moscow Station in St. Petersburg and Leningrad — Moscow.

"Centre of mobility" will coordinate the activities involved departments and services of JSC "Russian Railways", relating to the organization of services for passengers with disabilities — namely, terminals, carriers, Railways Service, taxi, etc.

Thus, the Centre will not only provide a more comfortable environment for passengers planning or travelers, but will also simulate the routes of movement for the Russian railways, the most accessible for passengers with limited mobility.
The list of services provided will include information support single telephone number, technical and informational assistance with travel documents in the special cars and public spaces, support and train stations along the line, order a specialized taxi, medical support, etc.

Nowadays, calling the single toll-free number the federal call-center 8-800-510-11-11 be consulted on general and specific issues of relevance to the Russian railway passengers with disabilities, as well as participate in a survey about the needs of the target audience in services for low-mobility passengers in rail transport and leave suggestions for the further development of the project.

By the beginning of 2012 is planned to launch the next phase of the project — already actively working with the call-center that will not only advise, but to accept and execute service requests for further coordination and execution. To test this project is selected Moscow Station in St. Petersburg.
In addition to the two pilot stations, the first phase of such services (maintenance and support) will be provided to passengers in trains "Peregrine Falcon".

For JSC "Russian Railways" very important part in the efficient running of the project of the users of services — passengers with limited mobility. Without their active position will be impossible to assess the quality of services at all stages of the project. Loyalty to the company’s initiative and professional involvement — will organize a worthy service.

Uniform federal number call-center for passengers with limited mobility Russian Railways: 8-800-510-11-11. The call is free.

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