For residents of Birch (Voronezh region) built a new medical and health post

Construction of new public facilities residents of Voronezh region is difficult to surprise — this is what survived! But this does not mean that people are taking the news with indifference. Rather, on the contrary, a real pleasure, especially in those communities where the hospital was opened, library, school, kindergarten or Obstetric clinic, as happened on November 1 in Birch that under Ramon. 

 By the way, in that neither the year, so be sure to enter into any new system of social objects, and people just talked about it, and at the opening.


Who came to the opening of the FAP head of the Department of Health of the Voronezh region Vladimir Vedrintsev said that Berezovsky clinic — the object of an unplanned, but it’s just as well that the authorities are not indifferent to the needs of the residents. One of the local grandmothers told us that before doctors were filming angles in different buildings there and doing shots, and patients were receiving. But since the day they render habitable pretty building, constructed over the summer by a new modern building technologies.

Several offices have everything you need for convenient operation: both procedural and vaccination, and a room for the reception of adults and children. The building heat. Central heating pipes are not visible. The new owners will gladly demonstrate the cost-effective and easy-to-use gas heaters, supplied in each room.

Extraordinary building (it also was a place for mail and the post of district police) were built, according to the head of the Administration of Ramon Victor Logvinova region and the whole world. Funded from different budgets — local, regional.

By the way, since January 1, all of the buildings relating to health care, become the property of the area, but from this decision, the head of the district, no one would be worse:

"In the clinic will be treated by our residents, and the department will ensure that physicians in no need", — he added.

District Council deputy Yuri Tarantsev presented as a gift to newcomers microwave, joking that this day can be considered a holiday of miracles. Residents agree with him completely.  

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