For service train crews arrived SOUTH modern

diving equipment AVM-12

Adopted a separate train crews of the Southern Military District (SOUTH), stationed on the territory of the Volgograd region, received about 20 sets of advanced diving equipment AVM-12.

Since the beginning of the summer training period divers railroad started development of new equipment during the various rescue and evacuation, engineering, special reconnaissance, engineering and diving to a depth of 60 m Before diving in open water divers work out regulations in specially designed pools where learn to control the amount of oxygen in the water to navigate in low visibility conditions, to determine the cardinal directions. When working groups — are trained to give signals and gestures with underwater lights. During the period of training divers spend under water up to 80 hours of study.

Upon completion of special training divers will be able to independently examine the bottom of the open water for the presence of explosive devices, then extract them to the surface to produce underwater metal work and clearing the river bed.

Air-breathing apparatus AVM-12 is designed for compressed-air dives to a depth of 60 meters the cylinder pressure of 200 atmospheres, and volume — 7 liters, which allows you to perform tasks autonomously soldier, being at a depth of up to 2 hours.

Previously, when performing specific tasks under water for divers used air diving pump, operated by the 2 people. At the same time, the deeper the diver worked, the more it was necessary to pump the pump to create enough pressure in a diving suit to work at depth.

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