For six months after the WTO, Russia has reduced the import of meat from the U.S. to 1,000 times

FCS: Food imports for the year decreased by 2.4%

Imports of food products decreased purchases of sugar by 4.9 times, cereals — by 36.4%, meat and by-products — by 22.8%, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages — by 7.2%, vegetables — by 4.0% .

While the import of dairy products increased by 23.2%, fish — by 22.0%, tobacco — by 19.0%, vegetable oil — by 18.7%, vegetables — by 2.2%.

Because of the accession of Russia to the WTO has reduced import duties on pork, and then at the end of last year, imports rose sharply this kind of meat. However, due to the subsequent drop in pork prices in the Russian market imports started to decline. In addition, Rosselhoznadzor since last year has introduced a number of restrictions on the import of livestock products, especially with regard to the EU — because of Schmallenberg virus (since March 2012), as well as to the U.S. (from February 11, 2013) because of the requirements for ractopamine. Thus, according to the U.S. Meat Export Federation, U.S. pork supplies to Russia in January-May fell by 6 times — To 5.77 million tons (17.9 million), beef is a thousand times — up to 35 tons from 30,547 thousand tons a year earlier!

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