For six months of the year, real GDP grew by 2.5%

Real gross domestic product (GDP) of Ukraine, according to preliminary estimates, in January-June 2012 increased by 2.5% compared with the corresponding period of the previous year, according to the State Statistics Service of Ukraine (State Statistics Committee).

At the same time, in June there was the greatest since the beginning of the year GDP growth — 4.7%.

Nominal GDP for the 1st half of the year amounted to 631 billion USD.

Industrial production as a whole grew by 0.4%. The largest increase of production (10%) took place in the chemical and petrochemical industry, while at the enterprises of the production of soap and detergents, perfumes and cosmetics production grew by 10.5%, plastic products — by 2.1%. Also increased output in the production and distribution of electricity — by 4.2%, the mining industry — by 2.7%, in particular in procuring coal — by 4.7%.

In engineering, a significant increase in the volume of output was the production of radio, television and communication equipment — by 44.3%, railway vehicles — by 14.7%, noted in the State Statistics Committee.

The increase in production in the food industry was 1.2%, including in the production of oils and fats — 12.8%, dairy industry — 2.8%, redoing and preserving of fruit and vegetables — 3.8%.

There was also a significant increase in production in bulk butter — 19.9% (43.6 thousand tons), crude sunflower oil — by 16.2% (1.9 million tons), canned organic vegetables — by 8.3% (19.6 thousand tons) processed milk — by 6.9% (454 thousand tons), drugs based on hormones by 20.4% (55.5 tons), fabrics — by 20.6% (49.8 million sq m), washing machines — by 18.4% (121 million units), industrial refrigeration and freezing equipment and heat pumps — 6.3% (151 thousand units), prefabricated buildings of iron and steel — 11, 6% (28.7 million tons), and the tunnel boring machines — by 34.6% (922 units), buses — by 12% (1.5 million units), trucks — by 19.6% (1.7 million units), not self-propelled freight cars by 3.6% (25.8 tis piece).

According to the State Statistics Service, the highest growth rates achieved in the Zhytomyr industry (37.1%), Carpathian (15.4%), Vinnitsa (9.3%), Mykolaiv (7.4%), Ivano-Frankivsk ( 6.4%), Kirovohrad (4.6%), Kherson (3.9%) and Dnipropetrovsk (3.2%) regions. In general, for the period from the beginning of the year increased production in 14 regions of Ukraine.

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