For the Boreas build two new nuclear power station and the pier

  • Nuclear submarine strategic "Petropavlovsk" and "Zvenigorod" based on the submarines of the Pacific Fleet in Krasheninnikov Bay on Kamchatka. Photo: RIA Novosti / Andrey Grandmother


According to "Izvestia" a source in the navy, pier parking "Boreas" in Vilyudchinske appear on the Peninsula Fishermen, to the right of the existing piers, which are based on the "squid", "Pike", "Halibuts" and "Anthea". The second pier will be located on the opposite side of the bay Krasheninnikova where the point of loading missiles. Floating nuclear power station will fuel the boats and coastal infrastructure base.

New infrastructure should appear before the base of the newest boats come with a "Bulava" 

— The piers will be built according to the traditional technology, nothing new there prntsipialno been invented — will make a mound of rubble, it will install metal sections and secure with the anchors, — said the representative of the Navy.

According to him, the task is to ensure the piers and boat crew electricity, fuel, fresh water and food.

New piers for the home, "Boreas" fundamentally different from the old will not. Is that on the point of loading missiles will protect the pier from the waves and wind special mole. It will relieve crews Viljuchinsky boats from having to wait for the weather to unload or load ammunition.

— The waiting time can be up to two weeks. So, of such molecules our sailors have long dreamed. In contrast, a fishing pier, there is a problem with the wind and swell are always present, — commented on "News" in the Navy.

To electronic "Borei" does not depend on power plants and energy infrastructure Vilyuchinsk and Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, the base plan to deliver a floating nuclear power plant (FNPP) with capacity of 70 MW (8.5% of the Dnieper Hydroelectric power). That should be enough for the entire database of nuclear submarines and to meet the needs of the city and nearby villages.

It is not clear whether have time to finish the station before the boats arrive in Vilyuchinsk. On the "Baltic Shipyard", where they make the station "News" said that due to the current bankruptcy proceedings postponed the completion of construction of the plant by the end of 2013.

In the PSC, which includes the Baltic plant, "News" confirmed that the unstable situation at the plant by the end of 2013 can not build a floating nuclear power plant. At the moment, according to the spokesman Alexei Kravchenko USC, together with Rosatom solved questions the timing and financing completion of the station.

Head of Directorate FNTPP "Rosenergoatom" Sergey Zavyalov says that now nothing definite can be said for the terms:

— According to preliminary estimates of experts USC, the station will complete by 2014, but for us, these terms are not acceptable.

At the same time, according to Zavyalov advantage of the "Baltic Shipyard" is a unique competence in the construction of nuclear-powered icebreakers, which, in fact, is a floating nuclear power plant, nuclear power and heavy cruisers. Therefore, he said, the transfer of the project to another entity is excluded.

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