For the creation of the coastal missile system Bal-E a group of employees of JSC Corporation TEV given state awards

For the creation of the coastal missile system "Bal-E" Presidential Decree number 669 of 23.05.2011, a group of employees of JSC "Corporation" Tactical Missiles "was awarded state awards and honorary titles.

According to the press service of the company, for his contribution to the development, creation, production of special equipment and many years of hard labor medal "For Service to the Motherland» II degree awarded by the Deputy Director General for Quality Vladimir Avrutsky, head of the bureau BUT Vitaly Klimchenko leading Designer in the direction of EDO Yuri Samoshkin.

Coastal missile system (KDB), "Bal-E" is intended for: the control of territorial waters and torrential zones of protection of naval bases and other shore facilities and shore infrastructure, coastal protection for airborne hazardous areas.

Combat use of the complex is provided in simple and adverse weather conditions, day and night for fully autonomous guidance after launch in terms of fire and electronic counteraction of the enemy.

DBK "Bal-E" is a mobile (based on the MAZ 7930) system, which consists of: self-propelled command centers, control and communications (SKPUS) — up to 2 units.; Propelled launchers (SPU) — up to 4 units., carrying anti-ship missiles (ASM) of the type X-35E (3M-24E) in transport-launch containers (TLC). At Typically the SPU is located 8 TPK. transport and handling machines (TBM), intended to form the re-volley — up to 4 units.

The command post control provides exploration targets, target designation, and optimal target distribution between launchers. The presence of a group of active and passive channels of high-precision radar target detection allows for a flexible strategy for detection of targets, including stealth. Launchers and SST can be placed on the hidden positions in the depth of the coastline. In this stealth combat positions and the presence of man-made and natural obstacles in the direction of shooting does not limit the combat use of the complex.

Shooting can be carried out by single missile or salvo with any launcher. It is possible to obtain intelligence from other command posts and external reconnaissance and target designation. Volley complex may include up to 32 missiles. Such a salvo can provide breakdown of the large-scale naval combat mission shock group, landing party, or the convoy of the enemy. The presence of complex TPM allows 30-40 minutes to re-volley. Command and control system implemented by means of the complex with the use of digital transmission techniques of all kinds of messages, the use of automated systems of communication, message handling, classification of information with guaranteed stability.

For achievements in the design of many years of hard work and the honorary title of "Distinguished designer of the Russian Federation" was given to the deputy chief of the department — the department head of the brigade 110 OKB Victor Khaidukova.

For services in the field of mechanical engineering and many years of hard work the honorary title "Honored Engineer of the Russian Federation" was given to the head of CIS Vladimir Kartoshkina.

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