For the first time anti-aircraft gunners were working on cruise missiles

  • Work S-300PM
  • Work S-300PM

Cruise missiles were first learning targets for military air defense forces in the Far East

In Buryatia at the site as part of the tactical air defense exercises Eastern Military District calculations of anti-aircraft missile system S-300 launches performed for the first time on a real cruise missiles, said Friday the head of the press service of the Military District Alexander Gordeev.

"Cruise missiles as targets launched from strategic bombers. The challenge for the air defense units was the fact that the goals were on ultra low. Anti-aircraft fire on them rocket men were in a massive blow aviaraketnogo imaginary enemy ", — said Gordeev.

According to him, as targets for air defense units in addition to the actual cruise missiles were launched all sorts of types of air targets that are moving at different heights and at different speeds.

During the battle of anti-aircraft air defense missile crews and practiced shooting at ground targets.

"Management believes that the teachings crews S-300 systems, as well as anti-aircraft missile systems" Buk "and" Wasp "adequately coped with the tasks. Estimates for the defeat of the purposes of the positive, "- said Gordeev.

In the field firing participate air defense units stationed in the Trans-Baikal and Khabarovsk territories. Soon they will be replaced combat positions of troops from the Republic of Buryatia, Primorye and the Amur region.

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