For the first time in SOUTH artillery during the exercise using UAVs

Gunners of the 58th Army of the Southern Military District (SOUTH) during tactical exercises with live fire in the camp at the site collection Tarskoe (Republic of North Ossetia — Alania) first used the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

As conceived by the teachings in this area made a reconnaissance drone and determined the coordinates of targets and then send the data to the control units of artillery fire. Later, after the decision to kill the identified targets using UAVs produced ranging objectives and control of their defeat. The use of aircraft has allowed experts to monitor visually observe the results of the shelling and make necessary adjustments.
Total fees to the camp artillery SOUTH attracted more than 5.5 million soldiers and officers, and employs about 1,000 funds missile and artillery weapons, military and special equipment, including anti-tank missile complex "Chrysanthemum", multiple launch rocket systems "Tornado-G "" Grad-M "," Hurricane "," Cyclone ", 152-mm self-propelled artillery pieces" MSTA-S "," Acacia ", 120-mm mortar" Hosta "and other systems.

Field studies were conducted at 11 test sites and training facility, located on the territories of the North Caucasus and Southern federal districts, as well as on military bases stationed abroad.

During the month of camp fee gunners spent nearly 50 tactical and special tactical exercises with live firing performance, during which spent about 3 pieces of ammunition of various calibres.

Press service of the Southern Military District

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