For the new armored car, a unique protection

Domestic enterprises are beginning to produce a new generation of armored protective materials, whose characteristics in no way inferior to the best world standards.


Military leaders have repeatedly expressed their dissatisfaction with the quality of the protection of domestic armored vehicles. The essence of their criticism was to ensure that the classic steel armor, with a large mass, does not provide sufficient protection against various damaging factors in modern combat. But in military vehicles of Western models as if widely used composite materials that are lighter and stronger. Now, a good defense, and self-produced, will appear on Russian armored personnel carriers, Infantry fighting vehicles and other transport equipment.

The so-called new generation of ceramic armor created in one of the leading defense research institute, specializing in the development of materials for protective armor. According to experts, the new ceramics will be able to withstand and extinguish the strongest shock, and it is very important to ensure the mine protection.

It is assumed that one of the first military vehicles, which will install the armor of Russian ceramics, will be the family of special vehicles "Typhoon". They are based on the KamAZ-4310 and are designed to deliver the personnel of the special-purpose venue for special operations and direct participation in them. However, the chassis can be said is designed and intended to re-view of the much more severe stress. Gross weight "Typhoon" with built-in protection comparable to the mass army armored personnel carrier — 17.5 tons. The machine will be capable of speeds up to 80 km / h and to move confidently on mountain roads.

In defense of the family of armored vehicles "Typhoon" will be first implemented a number of know-how. This will make the car even more robust than the classic armored personnel carriers. The main projection machine will protect both steel and ceramic armor. New bullet proof glass will withstand heavy bullets hit. In addition, the "Typhoon" will have enhanced mine resistant.

Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov familiarized with the wheel "Typhoon", praised them as "very promising" and expressed confidence that "in the next few years, the Ministry of Defence will buy just such a machine."

Ceramic materials has been successfully used to increase the protection of various types of armored vehicles, including — hard. Ceramic inserts in the tank armor effectively destroy the cumulative jet and significantly reduce the impact of affecting even piercing projectiles. At one time, domestic ceramics used for defensive purposes, and not only in the military, surpassed many of their foreign counterparts. In particular, heat-insulating ceramic tiles used to cover our "Buranov" were better than those that developed in the United States for protection against overheating of their shuttles.

Special ceramics is widely used and is used in bullet-proof vests. Being much lighter than steel, it is able to protect the fighter from almost all small arms bullets. A recent samples of multilayer ceramic protection is not their way, and large-caliber bullets. According to experts, a new generation of ceramic armor confidently keeps hitting even 30-mm shells and bombs undermining weighing several kilograms. It is this armor and protect the "Typhoon".

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