For the Olympic facilities in Sochi have delivered equipment

Factory-laundry room, which will serve the participants and guests of the Games in 2014, built three kilometers from the Olympic Park in Sochi. On the area of 7200 square meters being built engineering and production buildings, administrative complex of buildings with a total area of 8,600 square meters.

 "The new facility will be unique for Russia. It will apply the most advanced technology industry, such as the automatic quality control ironing, — said General Director of "Cotton Way South" Alexander Utkin. — In cooperation with the German Institute for the Care of textiles, special programs for different types of tissue. It is planned to complete automation of all processes. This will track the progress of any party products at each stage of processing. "

The main consumers of modern factory will become the new hotel, built in 2014 for the Games, and the Olympic Village for athletes.

The main building of the complex production and logistics systems are equipped with steam, heat and sound insulation, ventilation, as well as modern equipment made in Germany. Experts from Germany installed machines that can wash, dry, iron, clean and disinfect up to 100 tons of laundry per day. The equipment was brought to 44 the special train cars.

"Machines, which is equipped with a new laundry facility, designed and produced a large German concern that serviced the Olympics-80 in Moscow, — said the head of the project management to oversee the implementation of infrastructure projects" Olympstroy "Mikhail Popov. — The equipment is made in view of energy efficient solutions. With innovative technologies that will be a big factory sparingly water and electricity. Thus, the water consumption in comparison with conventional laundry with similar capacity to be decreased nearly 3 times. The daily water savings can be up to 2,000 cubic meters. "

Sochi laundry will be one of the largest in Russia. The new facility includes a dry cleaner, in which will apply environmentally safe natural silicone instead of organic solvents. All the technological area of the complex is designed with the health rules and regulations, and includes several areas: for receiving and sorting laundry, processing and subsequent assembly of the property. Facilities for clean and dirty laundry are fully isolated from each other.

After the Games, the 2014 factory will continue to work. Laundry facility will serve the hotels and other infrastructure that require regular professional treatment of textiles. It is planned that the plant will give the city about 200 jobs. Ten percent of them are provided to people with disabilities.

Executive in charge of the project — LLC "Cotton Way South".

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