For the year 2011 in Moscow was built 7 FOKov

The construction of the three fitness centers (FLC) with ice rinks in the North, South-West and South-Eastern Administrative District of Moscow.
New FLC area 3.76 million square meters. m is located on the street Lobnenskaya the CAO Moscow, a fitness center area of thousands of square meters. m open to Chechersky Travel in South-West of Moscow, and at the Ryazan Avenue SEAD Moscow builds FLC area of 5.4 thousand square meters. m

In each of these complexes is provided Icefield area of 1.83 million square meters. m, gym area of 108 thousand square meters. m and other sports facilities.

In total, according to the Department of construction in Moscow, in 2011, put into operation seven fitness centers total area of 27.52 million square meters. m

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