For the Zenith I’m too cheap football player!

[Img =] Last Saturday "Zenith" has suffered its first defeat in the championship. 1:2 Advocaat’s team lost, "Rostov" in the ranks of which shone a graduate of St. Petersburg football Dmitry Akimov. At the time, he had no place in the home team, and he was forced to wander around the peripheries. Dmitri himself admits that wants to return to his beloved club. That’s just not believe in miracles. And without them back to Peter, he is unlikely to. [B] Resentment was so splyl [/ b] [b] — Dmitry, admit score "Zenith" personally for you — a special pleasure? [/ B] — For me to score good in principle. I’m attacking. And the beginning of the season dawned not the easiest. I was in the starting lineup. There were objective and subjective reasons. Somewhere I knew the coach, somewhere not very much. But he preferred to wait for a chance. And glad that coach gave it to me all the same. So now, of course, very pleased. Many people have asked me if I wanted to prove something to former club? Do not want to! You see, in the "Zenith" now there was no one to whom I have something to prove. Frankly, these people were. And they had a grudge against. Because it chose to take the other players, even though I did not yield to them. But now they are left to their villages (obviously alludes to Petrzhela. — Ed.). What’s the point to remember them? I have a good relationship with the players, the coaches. [Cut] [b] — How much do you think you have to score goals in the championship of Russia to come to the attention of Dick Advocaat? [/ B] — The "Zenith" has its own kitchen. I’m not going to evaluate it. But it seems to me that as long as I have too low transfer price to interest the St. Petersburg club. Understanding people guess what I mean. In the present circumstances to get in the "Zenith" I can only only by a miracle. Yes, and I do not know, so I need a team or not? There is after all their good players. It would be incorrect to evaluate the game Pogrebnyak or Tekke, yet they — the owners of the UEFA Cup. A Akimov only one goal scored. See the difference? [B] On a visit to Arshavin for the New Year — Who was able to talk after the game? [/ B] — We talked with Nikolay Vorobyov (second coach "Zenith." — Ed.). After all, he was my mentor at the orphanage in the "Tyumen" I played under his leadership. He congratulated and wished them good luck. And guys … exchanged a few words with the Glory Malafeeva, Igor Denisov. But they had to rush to the plane, so do not talk to it. Yes, and we’ve got quite a few common interests. Igor came to the team after my departure, and Slava little other interests. Of the old guard, "Zenith" I talk tightly only with Andrei Arshavin. With him talk on the phone very often. At least once a week. I’m happy for Andrew. At first it was difficult in England. It was felt even in his manner of speaking. The voice was often sad. But now he is fully adapted, used to the new team. He called us with Maxim Astafiev (another ex-zenitovets in the "Rostov." — Ed.) To his guests. By November-December, when our season is over, get together. We take all of our family and arrange a trip to England. I think that there will be able to have fun. [B] — The first goal in the Premier League as noted? [/ B] — I have a goal, you do not really see. Do not even remember how to score. All as if in a fog. By the end of the mast felt cramps in the muscles, asked for a replacement. After the mast immediately congratulated me on the stadium’s wife Julia. She does not let any of my matches. To our guests arrived my mother — felt as if the son of a stir. The entire evening spent with them and with my daughter. Katyusha only three years. Her long as the stadium is not risk taking. It is our baby moving. 90 minutes will not sit in one place. In the morning the next day went with my daughter on a scheduled scan to a doctor. So no euphoria! [I] Elena Yazeva Photo from [/ i]

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