For those who are in the tank. Or extra armor does not happen. 6B15 and its variants.



Military operations in the North Caucasus have shown that at the moment the Russian armored vehicles to provide sufficient protection crews of combat vehicles. Now rear or side armor armored infantry fighting vehicles and bronetransportrov with high probability breaks even large-caliber machine guns. In particular, it is noted for armor-piercing incendiary bullets caliber 12.7 mm.

Vulnerable and tankers. In case of damage, breaking through the armor of the tank artillery shells or other means to deal with the tanks in zabronevom extent there is a risk of injury to tank a "swarm" of many small fragments. Are dangerous and ognetermicheskie defeat. In this regard, it was concluded on the need private individual protection for the tank.

 All military units in most developed countries of the world in equipment crews of armored vehicles included a mandatory body armor, helmets and fireproof overalls. The soldiers of our army, this protection appeared several years ago.

Protective Kit 6B15 — Russia’s first multi-functional tool for individual protection of soldiers of technical military units. Unique technical development applied in the creation of this kit allow you to compare it with the best foreign analogues. According to military experts, it can reduce losses among the personnel of the armored units of 2.5, which greatly enhance the overall stability of the psychophysical soldiers.

Combined arms body armor does not fit all. For example, the crew of the combat vehicle is inconvenient to use body armor 6B23, as it makes it difficult to BMP or leaving the tank through the hatches, and in the combat vehicle restrict movement. And the protection of the crew required, first of all from the damaging elements that arise when released into the armored shells, antitank guided missiles, grenades, and from thermal effects. In 2003 he was admitted to the supply of protective kit 6B15, intended for the crews of armored vehicles.

Protective kompekt 6B15 is used to protect crews of armored vehicles from the effects of damaging elements encountered in zabronevom crew compartment, and from thermal effects.

The kit consists of:

  • Ballistic body armor (the first type of protection);
  • ballistic plates on the tank headset (manufactured by Armokom) or a tank headset TS-5 (produced Institute of Steel);
  • fireproof overalls (Armokom) or costume (Steel Research Institute).


Weight of the entire set of 6.5 kg (Armokom) or 6kg (Research Institute of Steel). Body armor consists of a split chest and spinal sections, turn-down collar. On the cover of the vest pockets are arranged to accommodate regular equipment and evacuation device. The kit provides: protection of the neck, shoulder and groin, accommodation and transportation of standard weapons and other items belonging to the military equipment of this type of troops, to ensure smooth implementation of all the functional responsibilities of any member of the crew of the BM within 48 hours. Bronezaschitnye elements of the product are made of ballistic fabric based on domestic high-fiber Armus with water-oil-repellent treatment. Overalls, body armor and outer covers are constructed of flame resistant fabric camouflage coloring.

 Stability of the kit to an open flame — 10-15. The kit provides the preservation of protective properties when exposed to atmospheric precipitation, after a 4-fold decontamination, disinfection, decontamination, as well as after exposure to lubricants and specialty fluids used in the operation of IP. Operating temperature range — from -50 ° C to +50 ° C. The set has a camouflage coloring and does not increase the telltale signs of equipment crews BM outside of military equipment. Later Armokom represented by the further development of protective kit 6B15? protective kit for the crews of armored vehicles and artillery rocket 6B25. In general, he repeated the set of 6B15, but in the new protective kit 6B25 were added winter jacket and trousers of fire retardant fabrics and transport vest.

  • 6B25
  • 6B25

Field trials it was found that the protective kit 6B15 in their tactical and technical characteristics ahead of its nearest competitor — the development of the U.S. Army — for fire resistance and ballistic resistance by an average of 30%, with a slightly higher weight. During its development team of the Centre "Armokom" under the direction of EF Kharchenko awarded the Prize of the Government of the Russian Federation.

As a result, scheduled for today of modernization set 6B15 he will be 15% lighter and will get enhanced ballistic protection. These works have already started.



as a consequence of mass disturbances journalistic incompetence in assessing the durability of armor and rear sides of the domestic tanks I took it upon myself to correct the source text. I apologize for the unpleasant emotions. and 23 th you, my friends! strong militant greetings of Independent Ukraine  temporarily misguided Ukrainian Republic)

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