Foreign investors have invested in the Ukrainian IT more than 2 billion


Foreign direct investment in the field of information and telecommunications in Ukraine as of July this year amounted to 2 billion 47 million dollars. This is stated in the official materials of the State Statistics Committee reportsUNN.

At the same time, as of January 1 of this year, the size of foreign equity in the IT sector amounted to 1 billion 994 million dollars.

Thus, in the I half of this year in the field of information and telecommunications in Ukraine have invested 53 million dollars in foreign direct investment.

Recall that in the I half of this year, Ukraine has increased by 44% the volume of exports of computer services. At the same time last year, exports of domestic services sphere of information technologies has made about $ 800 million.

"Exports of computer services amounted to $ 800 million, and noted herein surplus, ie, the excess of exports over imports amounting to 497.7 million USD. Selling products online for the year increased by more than 2 times," — said the Chairman of the Committee the Supreme Council for Information and Information Technology Valeriy Omelchenko.

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