Foreign students come to study in Palo

1,100 foreign students were enrolled in 2013 in the Far Eastern Federal University. Thus, the number of foreigners in Palo reached 7.4% of the total contingent of students in high school, which exceeds Development Programme index of 6%. Recall, the proportion of foreign students in Palo in 2019 should reach 25%.

As the director of the department of international educational projects Palo Andrew Bobylo, the vast majority of foreign students enrolled in Palo in 2013, PRC citizens. In second place students from the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, the order of which was received from the State Corporation "Rosatom". Next come the representatives of the Republic of Korea, the DPRK, the United States, Japan and the countries of the CIS. Palo also joined the ranks of students from Iran, Mexico, Malaysia and Hong Kong. 

Andrew Bobylo stressed that 149 foreign students to study in Palo from the federal budget in the direction of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation — these guys have passed competitive selection, demonstrating excellent results and knowledge of the Russian language of their right to go to university for free.

The most popular among foreigners are educational programs of the Federal University of Management, construction, international relations, the oil and gas business, Philology (Russian language), economics, law and computer security. Also, foreign students are not afraid to make a choice in favor of English-speaking international master’s programs Palo: "Russia in Asia-Pacific: Politics, Economics, Security", "Project Management", "Offshore and coastal construction."

Andrew Bobylo noted that foreign students are studying in Palo on all forms of training, from pre-university to postgraduate training programs.

— We were also able to implement this year to preparing prospective students for admission directly to their home towns. To do this, opened the Palo international preparatory classes in Russian language in Chinese cities Suifenhe, Jinan, Dongying and Lyaochen. Listeners in these classes have more than 200 pupils and students, — said Andrey Bobylo. — Another class is scheduled to open this fall on the basis of Mudantszyanskogo University.

Talking about the efforts to attract foreign students in Palo, Andrew Bobylo noted that this activity is carried out in a highly competitive market, because large Asian market entrants are now very attractive to all countries interested in expanding the educational space. The plans for the international unit Palo for next year — to expand the geography of involved students started to work actively in the southern provinces of China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and the CIS countries.

According to Andrew Bobylo, important value in attracting Chinese students to the university this year played exit "Open House Palo", which are held for the second year in the border provinces of the PRC. University teachers introduce Chinese high school students with Palo and hold them for competition in the Russian language, and creative teams Student Center Palo gather at their concerts thousands of children of all ages, showing how varied and interesting can be their student life in the Far Eastern Federal University. Each year these events attended by more than 10,000 potential applicants.

Another powerful tool to attract foreign students were international summer schools, which are regularly held in the university and each year attracts more and more children. During these summer schools future students not only learn Russian language and learn about the unique Russian culture, but also listen to lectures by professors and Palo closer acquainted with the university and their future profession.

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