Forest fire or a tornado?

Forest fire or a tornado? Natural disasters

Local scouts from Alice Springs, Australia, witnessed the unusual natural phenomenon, it is extremely dangerous to human life and the natural environment as a whole. The phenomenon is a combination of fire and tornado, and an English-speaking half of the continent's population has already acquired a peculiar name «firenado».

Pillar of fire by the fire with the wind rose to a height of 30 meters above the ground. The fiery crater formed by the strong air flow in the path of a forest fire. A pillar of fire by the minute to rotate more and more, because the heat from the flame heats the air.

Such fire produces a particularly large amount of smoke and can burn in seconds tree height of 15 m width of such a fiery crater can be up to 3 meters. Typically, such a tornado last few minutes, but in the case of Alice Springs, a fire in a vertical position lasted almost half an hour.

Despite the fact that most of this kind of fire called fire tornadoes, climate scientists believe that it would be more correct to call it a firestorm, or a fiery whirlwind, by analogy with the dust storm, well known in the deserts.

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