Formation of the program MAKS-2013 completed

Moscow. August 20. Interfax-AVN — The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation — the organizer of the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2013, which will be held in Zhukovsky outside Moscow on August 27 — September 1, announces the completion of the formation of exhibition and business event programs, according to the organizing committee aviaforuma.

"According to preliminary data, the Air Show 2013 set a record for both the number of participating companies, and the scale of international representation," — said in a statement obtained by "Interfax-AVN" on Tuesday.

According to the deputy head of the Industry and Trade Ministry Yuri Slyusarev, to date, "an exhibit space and chalets offered by the organizers MAKS fully booked."  "Stated more than a thousand member companies, 277 of which are foreign. According to the number of countries participating in the MAKS-2013 air show catches up with the world’s largest Paris Air Show: we will present 43 of the States," — said Yu.Slyusar, whose words are quoted in the message.

MAKS-2013 will start on August 27. August 27-29 — business days of the air show. Rich business program. For the first time in the history of the MAKS International Aviation Congress will take place, organized by the Ministry of Industry, JSC "Air Show" and Directorate of International Air Transport Forum in Ulyanovsk "IATF." Will open the Congress Plenary Session: "Creating a third world center of aviation: strategy and tactics."

Members of Congress, including the heads of federal executive authorities, representatives of major Russian and international companies, leading industry experts will discuss the current problems of the development of the aerospace sector.

At the Congress are invited and plan to take part in its work: Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, head of the Industry and Trade Ministry Denis Manturov, Deputy Transport Minister Valery Okulov, presidential envoy to the Volga Federal District Mikhail Babich, Deputy Minister of Transport, Innovation and Technology of Austria and Andreas Rayhhardt others’ extensive business program also includes a series of conferences, round tables and workshops. During this period, will be created the most favorable conditions for working professionals, business visitors and members of the media, so the flight demonstration program in business days will be held in an abbreviated format "- said in a statement.
In the period from 30 August to 1 September — the days of mass visit. Children under 14 accompanied by an adult are held on the Fairgrounds for free. Summer programs these days will be shown in its entirety and by tradition includes display the latest models of civil and military purposes, as well as the performance of aerobatic teams. To participate in flying planes and helicopters claimed the leading Russian and foreign aircraft manufacturers, piloting and demonstration of the Russian Air Force, DOSAAF Russia, China, France, and Switzerland. As expected, the static display will be located more than 110 domestic aircraft and more than 20 — Foreign. In the flying program will be attended by 82 Russian aircrafts and more than 20 foreign informs the organizing committee.

In the flying program of the MAKS-2013 will involve the following crew:

For the first time in Russia will perform aerobatic team "1st of August" the Chinese Air Force, named after the date of creation of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) serving on high-speed (Mach number — more than 2) Chinese-made fighter jets 4th Generation J -10. The plane is made of aerodynamic configuration "duck" with a triangular mid-wing, swept-wing canards to closely spaced and single-fin vertical tail surfaces.

"Russian Knights" — aerobatic team Russian Air Force, performing group and single flying on multi-purpose highly-maneuverable Su-27P and Su-27UB. The uniqueness of the group is that it is the only aerobatic team in the world, performing group aerobatics airplanes class "heavy fighter", and that the fighters are serial samples.

Group "Swifts" carries the group and single flying on multi-purpose highly maneuverable MiG-29 has a large repertoire of aerobatic maneuvers carried out by the group and a pair of aircraft, as well as single performances. The complex aerobatic performances include such orders as "pyramid", "hammer", "star", "arrow", "cross" and "wing".

"Russian Falcons" — aerobatic team Russian Air Force, performs single and group aerobatics at the fourth-generation fighter aircraft Su-27. This is the only aerobatic team, which combat aircraft demonstrates a wide gathering of spectators elements of air combat at low altitudes.

For the first time will participate Russian Air Force aerobatic team "Golden Eagles", flying the six attack helicopters Mi-28N. This is one of the few groups helicopter in the world which figure shows the average and the highest degree of difficulty in the vertical and in the horizontal plane at an extremely low height.

MAX is a traditional participant aerobatic group "Rus" (DOSAAF Russia). Pilots "Russ" will demonstrate national school of flying skills and sletannosti in close formation. Performance of "Russia" will be confined to the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the birth of legendary Russian pilot, three times Hero of the Soviet Union Alexander Ivanovich Pokryshkina.

Aerobatic team flying club "First Flight", which was established in 2009 — is the only privately owned Russian aerobatic team for piston aircraft Yak-52 and Yak-54. The structure aerobatic team flying club "first flight" includes pilots athletes medalist Russia and the World Championships.

Aerobatic Team «Baltic Bees» — private civil aerobatic team in the Baltic states. Piloting skill group at extremely minimal distances, precision aerobatics — the card aerobatic team «Baltic Bees».

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For the first time at the air show in Zhukovsky attend aerobatic team «Breitling Jet Team». This is a private aerobatic team, sponsored by Breitling, was producing clocks. Air Group is the largest civilian aerobatic team in Europe. Based on a military base in Dijon, France flies a group of seven training aircraft Aero L-39 Albatros. The band formed in 2003. Pilots flying in a team, have experience flying military aircraft.

Novelty MAKS-2013 air show will be the aircraft of the Swiss Confederation-F/A-18 McDonnell Douglas ("Hornet").

MAX is a regular participant of the French Air Force, which will demonstrate the fighters in the flight program produced by the French company "Dassault" — "Rafale" ("Squall") — The fourth generation.

For the second time to take part in the flying program of the biggest passenger aircraft of Airbus A-380 — two-deck four-engined wide-body passenger aircraft turbojet — the largest serial airliner in the world with a wingspan of 80 meters

Premiere at the MAKS-2013 will hold a Czech company Evektor. In the flying program for the first time to take part pursue its light multipurpose passenger 9-seater two-engine aircraft short takeoff and landing.

Test pilots Russia will demonstrate the high performance characteristics best aircraft of domestic production.

For the first time will be shown on the ground and in the sky, not only prototypes of aircraft, but were armed, some flights will be carried out on the aircraft the Air Force.

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