Forward Rostov Dmitry Akimov, I am an ambitious

[Img =] Rostov have collected in Austria, and head coach Oleg Dolmatov gave players a three-day holiday that team leader Dmitri Akimov prefer to hold in his native St. Petersburg. Dima visited the editorial office of "Sports" and answered questions from journalists and fans. Judging by the letters to the addresses of authors, this set of football fans in St. Petersburg, and Rostov, and in Tyumen and Lipetsk, and in Novosibirsk — in short, wherever he happened to speak. Therefore, we first granted the right to ask questions to readers.


Bolelschitsky round

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— Dmitry, our reader from St. Petersburg Igor asks: "Francesco Totti odazhdy said that never shake hands with the Dane Poulsen. Can you say so about any of his colleagues in the profession? "

— No. I always shake hands rivals. I’m with the majority of players a normal relationship. With someone they are warmer than with someone, but the enemies of the players I have, and there are certain ethical rules, which I respect.


— Siberian Vladislav Lapin asks you to rate the chances of "Rostov" in the current season, as well as to answer the question: How do you feel about your former club — "Siberia"?

— Much will depend on the development of the financial situation at the club. Now hard. It is easy to see that we are the only team of the Premier League, which has no title sponsor. We have T-shirts "clean" with no logo. Hard to live solely on funds from the municipal budget. The high-profile acquisitions not wait. If nothing in this plan will not change, I think, in the first eight can be considered a success, and this result is, in my opinion, is quite real. Go to "Siberia" is’m warm, I watch it.

— What do you want the club to play? — Asks the reader Vyacheslav Bultinov.

— A serious question. I like Spanish football. Everyone has probably wanted to play for a top club. But I wonder about that today hardly worth it.

— St. Petersburg club of fans of "Rostov" (there is such on the banks of the Neva) asks you to tell the funniest incident in your football career.

— There were many funny stories. Funniest incident occurred in the team, for which I once played. Our full-back, they say, and wound up on several occasions expressed his dissatisfaction with his linesmen interpretation of offside. And finally he could not stand, laconically replied footballer, "Go in there …!" Taken aback player (usually the referee does not allow this), and surprise run to the chief referee to complain: "Comrade Judge, sent me a side …" The response was immediate. The voice sounded arbitrator in the military clearly: "Nowhere to go. Staying in the field! "

— Another question from the same club fans. Do you have a hero among the players?

— I think my answer will surprise readers. Idol can, and says loudly, but I really liked Chris Waddle. Admired the fact that he played almost avoiding marriage. Very, very popular with Zinedine Zidane. We often say: "We have to fight, wrestle …" And Zidane played! Show spectacle spectacle.

— Question from Tyumen your fans: do you have a dream that is directly related to football?

— There is. To play for the national team of Russia. Many would think that this is my shapkozakidatelskih mood. It’s gone. Just consider it necessary to set high goals and strive to achieve them.

— Dima, fans from Novosibirsk very emotionally asked whether really get you in "Siberia" and how much it will cost their club? Excuse me, but that is the question.

— Money has nothing to do with it. Just moving from one club to another, football certainly needs to grow. Moving on from the "Siberia" in the "Rostov" I am the way, lost earnings. But so were my ambition: he wanted to play in the Premier League.

— Fan of the "Zenith" Alexander Kovtun convinced that the last two years in terms of results you look forwards rather Petersburg team. So he wonders why you have not joined their ranks?

— There’s probably a lot of reasons. Hence, the head coach is not needed.


Immediately understood all

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— Once upon a time you were not wanted by the head coach of the "Zenith" Vlastimil Petrzhela (at the time). He strengthened the team by his compatriots. Someone believed and believes that the Czech expert guided high motives and truly believed that Lukas Hartig become a prominent figure (not just superficially) of the Russian Premier League, someone seemed to see other motives. You did not seem to Petrzhela rid of you, to make way for Lukas? Because then at the "Zenith" was not such a budget as it is today.

— I’m just sure of it! And then so thought now. After all, as it was? I spent gathering with Petrzhela, played two test matches, each scored on a ball, and then came to St. Petersburg and concluded a new contract with the club. Already, they say, "adult", a full-fledged, financially very attractive. It was a contract team players! I do not suppose the thought that this was not done at the initiative of the head coach. At the next gathering joined the team Lukas. On the field, I was no longer produced, I played five minutes, coming on as a replacement, having been instructed to perform the functions of winger. And immediately knew all about their prospects, and looking at the actions of Hartig, I realized that two or three goals a season in Russia — its maximum capacity, the limit.

[B] His agent is very pleased with [/ b]

— Dima, I got the impression that at the beginning of the season you have some kind of conflict arose with Oleg Dolmatov and so you do not end up in the starting lineup. What happened?

— There is no conflict between me and the coach was not. A situation that I would not like to comment, except to say that in football it is not directly related, the issue is still in the same financial level and has not yet been finally resolved.

— Then, inevitably pops up now fashionable topic. Dima, who is your agent?

— Oleg Eremin — by the way, a former player of "Zenith".

— For some reason this agent is not very fan of "Zenith" for a long time. You do, however, have made no secret of his sympathy for you mannered mother club, his hometown, and they do not hide the desire to play for the St. Petersburg team. Do not let me give you advice, but it might be worth to go down the path of your friend Andrei Arshavin, who had replaced recently an agent?

— I think if the coach (or any lawyer) will attract a footballer Ivan, the name of my agent will not play a special role. I Oleg very, very pleased. He helps me in everything, even in the home. Takes care of me, and if necessary and my family. I can ask him to meet at the airport and a child of my parents, it never fails. There are many examples. I repeat, satisfied with Oleg and grateful to him.

[B] And then called Fedotov [/ b]

— Is there a game that you think is best in your career?

— Career not over before, I hope, far away (laughs), so that the best matches, I want to believe ahead. And yet — a recent game with "Ruby". Two goals against the champion of Russia in their field, I must admit, it’s nice to remember.

— A Missed penalty against defending champion Russia pleasantly forget? It does not matter, Dima, is a form of greeting with a really great game against Kazan. A question from a reader: whether you love to watch football in his spare time on TV?

— Of course! Watch all the games of "Zenith". I try not to miss the European Cup battles. Yes, just watch football at the earliest opportunity.

— Dima, when in 2007 you scored 34 goals for the season in the "Siberia" in the first division, you had no doubt that it will soon find yourself in the elite league? Scorers always in sight, the price, and 34 goals — an indicator of a very, very rare, they say, inspires.

— I have at the moment is just expired contract with "Siberia". Talk and rumors then it was set. But not just rumors. Was I then touch the "Zenith". Alas, did not grow together, not on football reasons. To say that while I was on high demand, too, would be a gross exaggeration. "Siberia" then do not let me go in the "Moscow", it was the most viable option, but the clubs could not agree. I then called Vladimir G. Fedotov (for a football player and the most important thing, when interest in his services gives the coach or athletic director with a lot of experience coaching), and says: "Dima, I’m watching you for a long time, even in" Spartacus "would like to invite you, yes no time given in the "Moscow." I almost jumped on a chair is not the terribly wanted to ask, "why did not you had not called, I would walk from Siberia came as the Lomonosov!" (Laughs)

— Wait, Dima, you piterets native, dreamed of playing for "Spartacus"?

— I wanted to change the First Division to the Russian top club, also performs regularly in European competition, and try to prove themselves to the fullest. Now a little sorry that I insisted then on his own, has agreed to stay in "Siberia." But then firmly believe that this team will be released in the Premier League. But then came Sergey Oborin beautiful city and deprived of this opportunity.

[B] Style Davydova

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— You had a chance to work in different cities with the St. Petersburg coaches. Help? In general, it is difficult to completely abandon his youth his father’s house?

— It is difficult. And many, it broke. The guy used to live with their parents, a hotbed of the equipped, the familiar rhythm of life, it’s all falling apart at the moment — not an easy situation. I first lived in Minsk at the base, giving up the apartment, and, I think, did the right thing, nothing to distract, and the conditions were quite comfortable. About St. Petersburg coaches, which had a chance to work, I can only say kind words to express my gratitude. Nikolai Vorobyov (head coach, "Tyumen" in 2002. — "Sport") — a specialist high level. Anatoliy Davydov (head coach Lipetsk "Metallurgist" in 2003. — "Sport") — and the coach is lovely and bright personality. Beautiful, stylish dresses always kept intelligently, politely and correctly communicate with the children, educated, erudite man. Wherever he worked, it leaves trail of intelligence, the spirit of St. Petersburg.

— Do you support a relationship with them?

— I Davydova even been at a party. Was at his country house with his wife and child. He is calling Congratulations on your success. Anatoliy contacted me after the game with "Ruby" from Nalchik Airport, said that he had just seen my goals, congratulated, praised. With Nikolai Vasilyevich Vorobyov crossed in Rostov, when we beat the "Zenith" (smiles).

— What is it and you are greeted …

— I went up to him and told him that I understand his condition, but for me, he can be happy? He laughed and shook his hand.

— Dima, you would want to end his career in a more ambitious club than the "Rostov"?

— I am an ambitious person at all. I do not want to think, but I think that the desire to play in the elite club to be present at any footballer.

[B] Arshavin has not changed [/ b]

— For you did not come as a surprise rise Andrei Arshavin in the "Arsenal"?

— No, of course. We’ve played together since early childhood. His football talent, leadership inclinations — all of this was already evident. And Yuri A. Morozov contributed to his manhood, character Andrei difficult.

— There was arrogant?

— No, arrogant he never was. He was playing in a men’s soccer, and this has helped Morozov.

— Now you’re talking to him, as before?

— Yes. No problems does not arise. Andrew — an intelligent and sensitive man.

— With someone else from the former partners in "Zenith" communicate?

— Calls with Vova Bystrov.

— Dima, a personal question for last. Before the beginning of the season I made with a colleague bet. Bet I will not name, but the essence of the dispute is that this year you will score at least 10 goals in the Premier League. Not fail?

— I set myself a task is, and how task, at least. So, hopefully, you do not have to shell out (laughs).

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