FosAgro (Vologda region). Commissioned complex for production of urea and gas turbine power plant


JSC "FosAgro" has commissioned a complex for the production of urea and gas turbine power plant (gas turbine) in its chemical site in Cherepovets Vologda region.

Construction of the complex, which united the urea production capacity of 500 thousand tons per year, and gas turbine power plant of 32 MW, began in 2008.

Total capital investment in the construction of a new urea unit and gas turbine power plant amounted to about 7.6 billion rubles. Created more than 150 new jobs. With the launch of a new urea overall production of mineral fertilizers on the site of Cherepovets "FosAgro" will exceed 4 million tons.

The commissioning of the new power total power generation at Cherepovets site "FosAgro" will grow to 134 MW.

To provide training for staff to work on the new complex and other departments "FOSAGRO Cherepovets" with the support of the "FosAgro" and Vologda Cherepovets was created Chemical Engineering College, as well as the faculty "Technology of inorganic substances and fertilizers" in the CSU.

JSC "FosAgro" — vertically integrated structure with a complete cycle of phosphorus-containing fertilizers — from the extraction of phosphate raw materials to finished products (fertilizers, feed phosphates, phosphoric acid).


The Company ranked first in Europe and second in the world in the production of phosphate fertilizers. Among the members of the holding companies — JSC "Apatite", producing apatite and nepheline concentrate, agrochemical businesses of "FOSAGRO Cherepovets", "PK" Agro-Cherepovets "and" Balakovskiye fertilizers. "

Manufacture of fertilizers and feed phosphates of the holding "FosAgro" exceeds 4.5 million tons per year. Net profit of "FosAgro" International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) for the I half of 2012. decreased compared to the same period of the previous year by 12.2% — to 10.8 billion rubles. (353 million dollars). Revenues for the period increased by 3% — to 50.4 billion rubles. ($ 1.6 billion).

The uniqueness of the new production is due not only to the construction as soon as possible, but using the best available technologies and modern materials. This complex displays a new level in the field of energy efficiency, resource conservation, environmental, safety and productivity. Given by energy costs (heat and electricity), net electricity generation, the new production, according to experts, is 12% more efficient than operating in Russia.

With the launch of the new production is minimized environmental impact of carbon dioxide that will be used in the issuance of urea as raw materials, which is important for industrial ecology Cherepovets.

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