Fotofakt.Iz Nerpa shipyard slipway launched a large sea transport Yauza

June 15 repairers Snezhnogorsk dockside "Nerpa" taken out of the hangar large marine transport "Yauza."  The next stage of returning to duty special purpose ship, which is being upgraded and refitted to the "Nerpa".

Many hours of the transfer of the ship to the dock "Pallada" was successful. After the launching and implementation of ship outfitting works will start counting his new life. Shipbuilders "Nerpa" will give the Navy ship with an updated modern complex control systems, communication systems, navigation and a powerful crane equipment, meets all the requirements of the Register.

The ship was delivered to the area of dockside "Seal" for the repair and modernization in 2008. His term of service by the time has passed for a 35-year milestone. Repairers "Nerpa" for two and a half years of virtually rebuilt the ship again.

From the old "Jauzy" was only the case. In the course of extensive modernization ship is not only altered in appearance — it was completed residential unit, but got a new assignment. After completion of repairs on the project documentation, which has developed a CB "Vympel" (Nizhny Novgorod "), it will be a great maritime cargo transport.


On the ship set new diesel generators, powerful crane equipment that will facilitate and speed up the loading and unloading operations. The vessel is fully updated security systems and communication, it is equipped with a new set of controls. During the renovation and modernization of the life of the ship extended to 10 years, with a possible extension for the same period, according to the materials of the shipyard.

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