Foundry Uralvagonzavod improved the quality of housing

Another campaign to improve the quality of the products resulted in the casting body Uralvagonzavod. 

Already on its preliminary results it is safe to say that the activities carried out were given a tangible positive effect. Reduction of marriage on the main details regarding the month of May was 26% and the number of manufactured products increased by 8%. Reducing losses from marriage was 10 million rubles.

The decision to hold the next month of the money was made on the basis of a successful campaign in November last year. In 2011 UralVagonZavod issued a record number of items of rolling stock, and determining significance were issues of quality, reliability and safety of the cast parts. In 2012, the parent company Scientific Production Corporation "Uralvagonzavod" goes to another production record, so of steel production again waiting for high-quality work.

The competition this time involved working professions such as molder, sterzhenschik, agriculture, and production wizard. Attention was given to the most important details of the car: the side frame, bogie beam and the automatic coupler. So, for example, in the details, "Rama side," marriage has decreased by 16% compared to the previous month. Thus was produced a 20% increase.

On financial incentives metallurgists spent 517 million rubles from the budget of the corporation. The results of production competitions podchityvalis daily and weekly basis between their production teams distributed the prizes. The Commission has assessed such factors as the fulfillment of the production plan, the level of marriage and the level of technological losses in the manufacture of parts. In addition, every department heads have raised awareness. Thus, fulfilling one of the main objectives of the quality of the Month — staff motivation to improve accountability and personal interest in the production of high-quality steel casting, and in the end — the release of high quality products rolling stock.

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