Four bulldozers CTZ sent to the Far East

Four bulldozers B-10M of the party "registered" vehicles CTZ, named in honor of the players, "Tractor", sent to the Far East — to help in the reconstruction of flood devastated infrastructure in the region.

It is worth noting that only 12 units shipped the Khabarovsk with symbols hockey club, the names and signatures of the players on the board.
On the eve of shipment "nominal" four B-10M in the company visited the team forward, Honored Master of Sports, world champion in ice hockey in 2012 Evgeny Kuznetsov. He tried the machine in action.

"Before that I had never ridden on a tractor — he admitted. — It was a little excitement, but also the joy that manage such a technique." Walk "I liked the tractor.’m Proud of the fact that the names of my mates and coach Valery Belousov appeared on pioneers of the big hockey products in Chelyabinsk. "

Regular bulldozers with the symbols of the club will go to Khabarovsk in early October.

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