Four of the baker’s dozen

Holding company "Composite" summed up the first stage of the competition for the best technical solution for developing a method for separation of carbon tows. It was held at the company’s website, as well as in conjunction with Zvorykinsky project in a "Book of innovation." Competition Commission has selected four ideas, scored the highest marks. All four finalists will be awarded a cash prize in the size of one thousand dollars.

According to the head of engineering projects of the holding "Composite" Yuri Svistunova — chairman of the competition committee, the work of applicants were evaluated in terms of originality of ideas, technical elaboration of the method and quality of filling the application. Each proposal was evaluated on 11 criteria.

Results of the second stage of the competition will be announced in six months, during which the Competition Commission in conjunction with the winners of the first stage will conduct a detailed study of the proposed ideas, and perhaps some of the technical solutions tested in a production environment. Author of the best ideas that can be successfully implemented, be awarded 30 thousand dollars.

The first position was taken Zvorykinsky project participant Anastasia Ponosova together with Rustam Alekseev. Application duo is estimated at 233.5 points. The second place winner of the idea Zworykin Award 2011 Mikhail Smirnov, scored 182.5 points. Third — Anastasia got Bazilevich, its result — 168.5 points and the fourth — Sergei Yadav, received 163.5 points.

Contest holding company "Composite" on the best solution for developing a method for the separation harness was announced December 1, 2011. Applications for the contest are accepted within three months from 1st December 2011 to 1st March 2012. In the contest was attended by 13 candidates. During March, the initiative of the participants were examined Competition Commission.


Holding company "Composite" was created in 2009 to form the composite materials market in Russia. In the holding company are the production of high-strength and high-modulus carbon fibers and fabrics based on them, as well as high quality prepregs are used in the aircraft industry, wind energy, construction, automobile, shipbuilding, etc.


A decisive role in the process of creating a well-functioning Russian innovation system plays Zvorykinsky project ( The purpose of the program — to enable young members of the intellectual elite of the country to realize their creative and scientific potential, to achieve material success through the commercialization of ideas and implementation of development as well as to gain public recognition.

Project program provides a broad set of tools for the development of innovation and bringing them to commercial realization. This is a variety of educational programs, internships abroad, legal support, to attract potential investors, and more. Zvorykinsky project includes several key events: change "Innovation and Technical Creativity" at Lake Seliger, Zvorykin Prize and National Youth Innovation Convention.

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