Four processing complex run by CTZ

At the Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant completed the installation of four multi-function machining centers Austrian company WFL.

Produced on the new equipment will be components for engines of different series, including a family of new engines "T". Just download the workpiece to the outlet to get the item that has passed the complete machining. Only one turning-milling complex WFL replaced 15 machines in the manufacture of the cam shaft. 

To work on the Austrian equipment CTZ already accepted qualified professionals — graduates of universities and colleges.

Four of the complex was put into operation not only make more effective job of machining parts, they keep the factory line for the creation of flexible manufacturing systems that can be quickly reconfigured to produce new products.

Who is the site of production of advanced technologies has been working for 23 multi-function center. Nine pieces of equipment ready for installation: they came to the company and wait for their turn. Another three Machining Complex are in transit from Germany to Chelyabinsk. Their tractor-supplies-known Swiss-German company «StarragHeckert».

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