Freight locomotive series 2ES10 GRANITE is recommended for serial production

Qualification Commission reviewed the results of the development of production of freight electric locomotives DC and AC traction motors series 2ES10 "Granite" in the Company "Ural Locomotives" (Upper Pyshma, Sverdlovsk region)..

Representatives of JSC "Russian Railways", branch institutes, suppliers of capital equipment, OOO "Siemens" and the manufacturer under the supervision of the Deputy Chief of the technical policy of "Russian Railways" David Kirzhner, chief engineer of the directorate of traction — branch of JSC "Russian Railways" Alexei Khodakevich and CEO LLC "Ural Locomotives" Alexander Saltaeva studied design and technological documentation on electric "GRANIT", the results of the qualification tests, visited the factory floor and spent sampling of manufacturing processes, and visited a sample of products from among a mounting series — electric "GRANITE» № 025 .


  The outcome of the Commission confirmed that the design and manufacturing documentation comply with the requirements of the Unified system for design documentation and unified system of technical documentation (ESKD and ESTD) qualification tests conducted locomotives with a positive result, and the level of technological preparation of production and metrology provides enterprise readiness for series production of electric locomotives "Granite".

Qualification Committee of design and technological documentation for the letter "A" and recommended that "the Ural Locomotives" to start serial production of electric locomotives "GRANITE" (2ES10) with number 032. Thus, the organization of serial production of the plant took less than a year.

Controlled operation of the installation of an electric locomotive series "GRANITE" began October 18, 2011 During this period the locomotive set three records to increase the weight standards and repeatedly spent a total train weight of 9 tons of three sections, including in the framework of a large project to develop technologies driving heavy structures at the site in Western Siberia — Northwest Russian ports. The average daily mileage of "granite" is 500-600 km.

LLC "Ural Locomotives" held a great job of preparing for mass production of electric locomotives "GRANITE". Specialists of the plant has been designed and implemented 280 control programs for manufacturing parts on CNC machines and 850 processes, including the integration and assembly of components manufactured by "Siemens". Designed, manufactured and purchased 293 items of special equipment and instrument. Machinery equipment replenished with new equipment, including milling and boring center for processing UNION bogie frames and welding robot Kawasaki for the most critical load-bearing joints of a bogie frame, which are experiencing significant dynamic loads. Put into operation a separate production line, designed for assembling electric "GRANITE". During the controlled use in the design of the individual components made about 60 changes aimed at improving the reliability of electric and improved manufacturability. 130 drivers and mechanics to repair rolling stock factory trained specialists device, operation and maintenance of electric locomotives "GRANITE".

"In the course of the controlled operation and qualification testing locomotive" GRANIT "once again confirmed its high thrust performance, reliability and cost, — said General Director of" Ural Locomotives "Alexander Sultan. — Already this year we will start mass production of electric locomotives "GRANITE". Until the end of the year will give the Sverdlovsk railway locomotives at number 041, and 2017, in accordance with the contract, deliver JSC "Russian Railways" another 180 machines of this series. "

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