Freight locomotive SINARA sent to the West-Siberian railway

Cargo main electric locomotive with commutator motor drive "SINARA" Number 150 (2ES6 Series) produced by "Ural Locomotives" (Upper Pyshma, Sverdlovsk region) arrived at the West-Siberian Railway (West-Siberian Railway). This is the first Ural locomotive that will be assigned to the operational depot Omsk.

Supply of electric "SINARA" the West-Siberian railway is carried out under a contract with JSC "Russian Railways". West-Siberian Railway locomotive crews have already received approval for driving locomotives "SINARA". They have been trained and gained practical experience in management of electric locomotives series 2ES6 on the combined range of Sverdlovsk, West-Siberian and the South-Ural Railway and appreciated the technical characteristics of the car. In addition, the training of specialists "Ural Locomotives" were 39 mechanics to repair rolling stock ZSZHD. For studies specially selected the most experienced workers locomotive depot, which now pass on their knowledge to colleagues.

"Today, we are striving to upgrade the locomotive fleet and the use of the latest developments in transport engineering — said the head of operational locomotive depot Omsk Alexander Taranenko. — Locomotives "SINARA" distinguished comfort for drivers, a modern microprocessor control and safety, integrated diagnostic system, a convenient arrangement bodywork, high traction.

"In the locomotive depot in Omsk good organization of production and the high level of maintenance, — says Alexander Sultan. — In 2012, the West-Siberian Railway is planned to transfer the order of 50 locomotives "SINARA."

Currently, electric freight locomotives series 2ES6 "SINARA" operated in Sverdlovsk, the South Urals and West Siberian railways. The performance characteristics of "SINARA" superior electric locomotives VL11 series by an average of 30%, a locomotive is up to 80% of innovative solutions, not previously used in domestic engineering. LLC "Ural Locomotives" plans to release a series of 80 cars 2ES6 in 2012.

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