French chicks have Russian citizenship

In the field of the Siberian cooking an event comparable to the revolution: chicken, cult French variety «Label Rouge» has become a local product.

 Person knowledgeable about the chef’s value system, this fact will impress even more than the legal "Russification" of Gerard Depardieu. On meat chickens "lyabel Rouge" work all respectable restaurants of France. There ‘lyabel Rouge "- a synonym for the concept of" chicken. "

Until recently, the meat «Label Rouge» was the product of long-imports, with chilled chickens worked only restaurants in the capital, and in the States it is reported only in the deep freeze. Now, without ceasing to be a food product of the title, "lyabel Rouge" is available for the everyday table.

These chickens have a very dramatic and distinctive presentation: carcass dense, but not overweight, with a distinctive golden tone. The tone of congenital — thanks to the distinctive diet — natural grain feed of a mixture of grains and corn kernels. No unwanted additives and stimulants. So they raise and the south-west of France, and at the poultry farm "October."

The first batch of meat has entered the largest retail network in Novosibirsk.

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