French people will be deprived of fathers and mothers

Official documents indicate the sex of the parent ban

The Civil Code of France expect big changes. The authorities are working on a bill that not only legalize same-sex marriage, but also eliminates the official documents of the word "father" and "mother."

As part of plans to legalize same-sex marriages French authorities intend to prohibit the use in official documents of the words "father" and "mother." Instead, they will appear the word "parent", which will not create a non-traditional families inconvenience. A forthcoming bill states that "marriage — a union of two people of the same or opposite sex." Furthermore, the bill requires equal rights for adoption for same-sex and opposite-sex families.

French Justice Minister Christiana Tobira commented on the newspaper La Croix Government's plans: "Who said that opposite-sex couple raising a child is better than a same-sex that they provide the best conditions for the development of the child? What is certain is that the interests of the child — a major concern for the government. "

Acted against the law of the French Catholic Church, saying that "children should not be subordinated to the desires and conflicts of adults." One of the main French bishops, Dominique Rey, demanded a referendum on gay marriage, and Pope Benedict XVI even invited the bishops of France, 30, to urge them to fight the new law.

The legalization of gay marriage was one of the campaign promises Francois Hollande. The relevant bill will be submitted to his office on October 31.

In December 2010, the U.S. State Department has made changes to the documents issued by the consulates of the birth of children abroad by American citizens. In their passports instead of the words "mother" and "father" had featured the word "parent." However, under the pressure of criticism found a compromise solution — to use the terms "mother or parent 1" and "father" or parent 2 ".

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